Our Initiative

"Equal pay for equal work!" campaign


To achieve that "Equal pay for equal work" become a fundamental principle of the EU.

The initiative is launched by

Individuals, Representatives of Wage Union Citizens' Initiative.

The reason for the initiative

Ever since 2004, the EU's Eastern enlargement has failed to enable Eastern Central European member states to catch up with their western counterparts. The enormous gap between the wages is a grave injustice that drives valuable labour force to the West and thus puts the Eastern region into an unmanageable situation. The only way to remedy this discrepancy is to ensure that the European community sets the elimination of wage inequalities as its fundamental principle which is then implemented in the foreseeable future. However, neither member state leaders nor EU institutions have decided to champion this cause. It is time that the disadvantaged member states, with the support of their citizens, put this issue on the agenda of European political discourse. We can assuredly say that the proposal is of historic significance.

The form of the initiative

Launch a  European Citizens' Initiative  for the equalization of wages

Member states participating in the initiative

Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia.

The slogan of the initiative

European wage union!

The procedure of the initiative

1. Set up the 8-member civic committee.
2. Jointly finalize and submit the actual question.
3. If the European Commission approves the question, launch the campaign and start collecting signatures.
4. Submit signatures to the European Commission.